We frequently consider and care about the comfort and safety of our houses. What about our working environment?

An average office worker spends roughly 8 hours a day at work, according to data. We must make every effort to spend our time in a healthy, safe atmosphere that benefits the quality of our work and lives.

SILK PLASTER ornamental plasters are the finest choice for all types of work environments, including office spaces in business centres and government buildings, as well as schools, hotels, and coffee shops.

SILK PLASTER ornamental plasters are non-toxic and made from environmentally acceptable components such as textile and cellulose fibres, decorative and mineral additions, and an adhesive/binding agent.

This high-quality finishing material provides exceptional thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and anti-static properties. It is breathable, waterproof, hypoallergenic, seamless, and simple to apply and repair. Because of its great flexibility, it may be used in rooms with uneven walls and surface flaws.

The enormous colour palette of SILK PLASTER decorative plasters provides a wide range of options for effectively incorporating your design ideas. Using two or more matching or contrasting colours (including your brand colours), you may create a monochromatic design or something unique and elegant.

To create an eye-catching signature home design, you may also cover walls with complicated patterns, beautiful decorations, motivating messages, and spectacular pictures produced with SILK PLASTER decorative plasters.

The wall design seen below was produced with the SILK PLASTER Art Design collection, colours 276, 279, and the EAST collection (951).

If you have any further questions regarding SILK PLASTER, please contact us.

Explore the SILK PLASTER range to find the ideal choice for your office interior design.

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