How do you take pleasure in hot, sunny days?

Some of you stay at home or go to work, while others enjoy fantastic days at the beach or in the great outdoors.

Remember to wear sunscreen for UV protection if you spend a lot of time outside because UV rays can harm your skin and health!

Do you realize that UV radiation may harm any surface, just like they can harm human skin?

UV rays are produced by radiation that is in the visible light spectrum. Approximately 34% of UV light still reaches things on Earth’s surface despite the atmosphere’s absorption of the majority of it. Keep fragile items out of the sun’s beams to safeguard their safety.  UV rays can also have an impact on and harm various wall finishing materials in different ways. People can:

  • fade color or change
  • reduced strength
  • crack
  • lose adaptability

The fact that SILK PLASTER wall finishing material is UV resistant and won’t be harmed by sunlight quickly is one of its most significant advantages.

Silk Plaster ornamental plasters’ colors don’t mutate or fade over time. The finishing material maintains its strength and flexibility without cracking or losing such qualities. We guarantee that the beauty of your interior design and the longevity of ornamental plasters will last for many years.

To find the perfect finishing product for your interior design, browse our catalog.