The Pantone color of the year is revealed by the Institute of Pantone each year. And this year, Classic Blue 19-4052, a color that “evokes the sky at dusk,” is in style.

Blue is good for the body and mind in addition to being the color of the sky and the sea. According to color psychology, it symbolizes wisdom, dependability, and maturity while also slowing metabolism and having calming and relaxing qualities. Blue captures and symbolizes a universal emotion. It is about the peace and connection that we all need in today’s world.

Other Shades of Blue, in addition to Classic Blue, are fashionable.

Silk Plaster offers an elegant palette of blue hues ranging from Classic Blue to Light Steel Blue. To create a distinctive fashionable interior design and surround oneself with the feeling of calm and tranquility, you can pick one or two colors. The varied collections of textures in SILK PLASTER ornamental plasters (liquid wallpaper) create aesthetic and perceptual effects that enhance the colors’ perception.

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